Air Conditioning Energy Saver is an energy saving device that delivers up to 70% savings on your air conditioning energy bill. Designed to work using artificial intelligence, ACES primarily functions on the fundamental principles of “Rate of Heat Transfer” and “Rate of Rise in Absolute Temperature”.It factors in a wide range of thermal parameters pertaining to absolute temperature and humidity to deliver maximum efficiency without compromising on user comfort.


Based on Real Feel Technology, ACES dynamically controls the switching on and switching off of the air conditioner. Not only does ACES help save you money, it also significantly reduces your energy consumption and operates your air conditioner in an efficient manner to ensure higher durability of your AC unit.


ACES is extremely easy to install, very user-friendly and requires no user intervention post the initial settings. Another advantage of ACES is that it works with all types of single Window, Split, Tower and Cassette air conditioners.



  • Energy saver for air conditioners
  • Reduces ac energy opex by up to 70%
  • Original ac warranties are not affected
  • Works with split, cassette, tower & window acs

Salient Features

  • Real feel with maximum cooling comfort
  • Climate control technology
  • Real-time temperature monitoring
  • Hi-lo voltage protection
  • Zero self-maintenance

Key Benefits

  • ROI payback period less than 1 year
  • Increases operational life of air conditioner.
  • Minimises carbon footprint.